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Earn Lifetime Recurring Commissions

Our affiliate system uses browser cookies to track your orders. LifeTime+ means each time that customer comes back to order you will continue to earn commissions on all recurring acquisitions for the life of the account.

We have Exclusive Products

We have stuff you can’t get anywhere else! We are the direct source for many of our products and services and have strong partnerships with the others. E.g. We are the exclusive affiliate program for Phd10 Pharmaceuticals, LLC which has been in business since 1999 and is featured in Maxim Magazine as well as other mainstream fitness publications.

Simple, Secure and SEO Friendly

Powered by a customized version of iDevAffiliate, we can guarantee one of the most user friendly and reliable affiliate programs in the industry. This state of the art Affiliate tracking software is not only 100% accurate but also offers search engine friendly marketing tools.

White Label Support Available

Put your name on the label and we’ll even help support your brand. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and that’s why our custom white label support and solutions are 2nd to none.

Get Paid via Check, ACH or Paypal

Payouts are issued on the first of every month. You can setup direct deposits, receive a check by mail or via Paypal. For ease and automation we recommend Paypal.

Banners and Marketing Material

Again we’re happy to help you increase conversions so we also offer a wide plethora of promo tools and display ads to match any site. We have over 20 different eye-catching banners that have proven high conversions on sites ranging from small blogs to high trafficked eCommerce sites.

Free SEO Consulting to the Top 10

The top #10 affiliates of each month will get one-on-one internet marketing consulting from seasoned SEOs. We arrange exclusive tutorials, video conferencing sessions and workshops where we actually look over your on-page SEO attributes as well as help establish an off-page strategy that matches your internet marketing business model.

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